Finding Sisters is an excellent example of what it takes to solve a family mystery. Yet it’s also a captivating story of human relationships in the age of secrecy-revealing DNA databases…. Refreshingly honest and personal. Like no other DNA success story, Finding Sisters uses footnotes and family tree diagrams to show exactly how the search unfolds. This makes the book a clever hybrid of a memoir and a case study” – Richard Hill, author of Finding Family: My Search for Roots and the Secrets in My DNA

“I would, hands down, recommend Finding Sisters to anyone who is contemplating going on this journey of discovery. Rebecca Daniels lays out quite beautifully what one can expect from a logistical standpoint, while acknowledging that the emotional ride might be different for everyone.” – Jay Sefton, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

“In Finding Sisters, Rebecca Daniels becomes a detective taking the reader on an intriguing hero’s journey to solve the mystery of her roots. … The adopted person’s journey is an important one to understand, and Daniels serves us well by bravely sharing her story.” – Brian Stanton, actor/writer of the film “@ghostkingdom” and solo play “BLANK,” both pieces about adoption, search and reunion

“This book is not just ideal for those interested in genealogy research and ancestry websites, but also those wanting to uncover more of what makes them who they are. And isn’t that all of us to some degree?” – Maia Williamson, author of Where The Tree Frogs Took Me

5 STARS ON AMAZON: “Definitely a must read for people with the desire to find their own roots.” ALL REVIEWS HERE.

5 STARS ON GOODREADS: “This book is a ‘must-read’ for anyone engaged in genealogy through DNA testing and especially in cases where adoption is concerned.” ALL REVIEWS HERE  

GREENFIELD RECORDER: “If you have ever wanted to learn more about family you don’t know … or if you’re just interested in a good jigsaw puzzle/detective story, Finding Sisters will inform and entertain you.” FULL REVIEW HERE  

THE MONTAGUE REPORTER: “Rebecca Daniels takes her readers on a journey of discovery that may serve as a preview of what might be in store for anyone willing to go for a genealogical ride of their own.”

Keeping The Lights On For Ike

“The solidity of their love and trust in each other is what sustained both of them.”

5 STARS ON AMAZON: “This is an extraordinary biography that I actually read twice.” ALL REVIEWS HERE

5 STARS ON GOODREADS: “It’s one of the best books I’ve read this year.” ALL REVIEWS HERE

GREENFIELD RECORDER: “The focus on everyday life and on the relationship between Alec and Mary ends up being one of the book’s greatest assets.” FULL REVIEW HERE

The Montague Reporter: “The book moves swiftly along, while at the same time capturing the frustration of their prolonged separation. The historical timeline provides just the right bit of historical context to these war years behind at the tail of the army. This is not the typical WWII combat book.”

SUNBURY PRESS READER REVIEW: “This book made me feel almost like I was right there with Alec and Mary as they experienced that time of their lives. My parents, being the same age, also had a similar experience and I thought of them as I read every word.The author cleverly brought to life their story and for that I shall be forever grateful.” (5 stars)

Women Stage Directors Speak

CHOICE: “The directors are well chosen for their ability to examine their experiences in the theater. Recommended for all academic and professional libraries.”

Library Journal: “Excellent and valuable addition to theater and women’s studies collections.”

THEATRE JOURNAL: “Quite thorough…fascinating and informative.”